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Protection from Abuse Orders

Protection from Abuse Orders in Bucks County

Domestic partnerships in Bucks County can sometimes be contentious, especially during the emotional turmoil of divorce or circumstances leading up to a Bucks County divorce.  However, marriage and divorce are not necessary components to an unhealthy situation in a relationship.  If you have been subject to physical abuse, sexual abuse, threats to bodily injury, physical restraint, stalking, or other threatening acts, you may be able to protect yourself through the application for a Protection from Abuse Order in Bucks County.

Other Issues For A Protection From Abuse Order

If the Protection from Abuse Order is successfully argued by your Bucks County family lawyer, it will restrain and prohibit the offending party from having contact with you for a specified amount of time and with defined restrictions regarding your home and place of employment.   The issuing of a Protection from Abuse Order in Bucks County is not to be taken lightly.  The accused party can be forced to leave the home and lose contact with his or her children.  Whether you are the abused party or believe you have been falsely accused, we at Gallant, Parlow, & Lang, will represent you through to the best resolution possible under these trying circumstances.

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