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Seamless, No-Fault Divorce Package

Bucks County No-Fault Divorce

Use an experienced and highly reviewed attorney to make sure there are no problems with your no-fault divorce.  For this popular service, we serve all areas of Pennsylvania.

We provide a “Seamless, No-Fault Divorce Package” for individuals who qualify as to the following:

  • Either you or your spouse must have been a resident of Pennsylvania for a minimum of 6 months
  • There should be no property or economic issues involved in your case
  • You and your spouse understand the divorce will be filed in Cameron County, PA (neither you nor your spouse will have to appear)
  • Your spouse will sign the papers that are prepared

Limitations to No-Fault Divorce

If you do not believe all of the above are possible, you may not be able to receive a no-fault divorce.  It is vital that you use an attorney for this process to ensure the proper filing and preparation occurs.

Instead, we can represent you in a standard divorce.

The total cost is $499 with no hidden fees.  Contact my office to begin the “Seamless, No-Fault Divorce Package.”

Consultations are Available

Time is vital in your Bucks County divorce. Call me now to arrange a consultation to discuss assets, custody, support, and more. If you are a Bucks County resident and are ready to get representation in your divorce, do not delay. Call me at (215) 639-4400.

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