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Modifications/Contempt & Enforcement

Bucks County Divorce Modifications

Things change even after a Bucks County divorce is granted.  Pay is reduced, people want to move with children, or communications break down between ex-spouses.  Sometimes these issues can be resolved between the ex-spouses and sometimes it requires the Bucks County Family Court to intervene.

Modifications for Bucks County custody typically take very extreme changes in circumstances.  Frequently, the modification is based upon criminal activity or drug use of the spouse with custody or some other behavior that jeopardizes the best interest of the child.

Contempt, Modification, and Enforcement for Divorce

Modifications for Bucks County child support is much more common.  A modification can occur based on additional needs of the child or increased/decreased earnings of the supporting spouse.

If an ex-spouse fails to live up to their obligations under custody or support, they may be held in contempt in Bucks County Family Court.   The court may order additional support payments, garnishment of wages, jail time, and compensation for legal fees incurred due to the failure to abide by their previous agreements.

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